Sign Repair & Replacement

Signage is one of your biggest investments, but we must take the proper care to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Soon after installation, your signs will begin to decay, fixtures will become loose, and lights will need to be replaced. Regular maintenance can help discover potential safety hazards and postpone the need for complete replacement.

Unmatched Sign Repairs & Replacement in Singapore

In addition to creating, installing, and maintaining premium signs, SkyGives also offers maintenance services. They have provided excellent service for many years in this manner.

Sign Repair & Replacement Service in Singapore | SkyGives

Repair & Maintenance of Signage

Your brand is our priority; scheduled maintenance & repair guarantees always-clean, always-bright signage! Corporate signage is built to last a long time, but just like your car or house, it needs maintenance and repair. Your signs can decay, collect pollutants over time, and develop dingy illumination with time. This deterioration could be a factor in your corporate signage’s ability to represent your business’s calibre accurately.

Quality signs typically have a specific function, such as enhancing a company’s reputation, promoting a suitable service, warning of danger, or providing directions. However, if these signs are broken or deteriorate, they will cease functioning as intended.

Our Signage Maintenance Services Include:

High-pressure washing

Signage rejuvenation


Night illumination audits

Replacement of LED bulbs

Signage repair

Reasons to Use Sign Repair Services

We can send a team to the location to rapidly repair your signage, even beyond regular business hours. This entails removing graffiti, removing dangerously damaged signs, changing substrates on which signs are mounted, installing repaired or new signs, and improving lighting, including neon signs. We can perform sign repairs at a great height and in the most difficult-to-reach places. Regardless of the size of your signs and the Singapore neighbourhoods where it is located, we can reach any location to fix any issues.

Restoration of harmed sign fascias.

Signs that have suffered severe damage

3D Signage Rending