Sign Permit & Submission

Signage plays a crucial role in the branding and visibility of businesses in Singapore. Whether it’s an outdoor sign, an indoor display, or a digital billboard, having the correct signage is essential to attract customers and communicate your brand message effectively. However, acquiring signage permits and ensuring proper installations can take time and effort. This is where SkyGives signage company steps in to assist businesses in Singapore. 

Why You Need Us

Sign Permit & Submission in Singapore | Skygives Singapore

The country has specific guidelines and restrictions to ensure the aesthetics and safety of public spaces.

These regulations cover sign dimensions, location, materials, illumination, etc. SkyGives are experienced in these regulations and can guide businesses to ensure compliance.We offer various services, from signage design and customisation to installations and maintenance.

By leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we help businesses navigate the complex process of acquiring permits and ensure their signage meets regulatory standards. Any movable advertising board used by any business in a public area of the municipality requires permission. Road-related sites, Council land, areas designated by Government, and other locations where activities may influence locals or visitors are considered public places.

Licence for Signage or Advertisement Signboard

The certified copy of the temporary building permit.

Wood or metal bars are employed for a banner larger than 10 metres square.

Drawings or plans for the exhibition of banner signs larger than 30 metres square that have the certification

Signs That Are Not Allowed To Be Displayed Outdoors

Several sign types can only be installed if you have a licence. These are commercials.

  • That have running, flashing, or fluttering lights.
  • The buildings or structures above roof parapet levels. 
  • The public buildings and their supporting structures.
  • Regarding residential structures and the residential portion of versatile structures.
  • Inside of or close to airports and air bases.
  • Motorways, flyovers, bridges, fences, central median dividers, traffic islands, as well as on trees or plants that are situated over or within public streets.
  • Within water catchment areas, public places, natural areas, water bodies, along beaches, and on undeveloped land.

Acquiring Signage Permits

One of the primary challenges businesses face when installing signage in Singapore is obtaining the necessary permits. SkyGives are well-versed in the permit application process and handle the paperwork on behalf of their clients. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements and can ensure that the signage design complies with the guidelines set by the authorities. 

Sign Permit & Submission